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Magnifying glass
Starting bid

The pursuit.

This is just a sketch.
The design of the pony can change.

From $ 20 the color palette is simple, it is just as interesting in its own way. Look in the portfolio.

From $ 50 a complex color palette. See the portfolio (crazy alchemist and battle with the demon.)
- PayPal.
- Payment must be made within 48 hours after the auction ends
- Operating time from 3-7

Samples These are examples of finished art

MaxFauler's portfolio

Auction questions

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Is the dragon also part of the ych?
Everything is included in the order, dragon and ponies. They can change if the customer wants, change the race and sex.
Interesting. I ask because I have a Dragon/Pony hybrid OC that’ I’d like to see as a full dragon. It’s part of her ability.
Good. We will discuss with you when we will draw up the project.

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