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Starting bid

Simple half body commission
Half body drawing

Starting bid: USD$10

Additional character: USD$5

PAYPAL(USD) I begin to work after full payment


- You can ask for any pose, this is not a ych

- This is a simple commission with flat colors

- Please bet if you are sure you can pay

- No refunds

- For icon commissions bid on my icon auctions

- For MULTIPLE commissions please don't bid on multiple auctions, send everything here https://crm.commishes.com/task/create/Raspy/ (the price will be the same as the starting bid of the auctions) or ask me if I can take more requests than the auction prize when the chat is created.

> If you spam many auctions and I end up with multiple commission chats from the same person I will cancel them.

> I can draw anything and any species as long as you have a reference !

> Complex clothes, extra objects and alternate versions of the same drawing will be charged half of the commission price

> I won't make a whole OC design from zero or just from a description. (ponytown, pony/character generators references are ok, you can also send a similar pony/character and describe small changes like color palette, etc)

> I won't design a cutie mark only from a description (if you want me to design the cutie mark I'll need to charge an extra $5 fee)

If you have questions contact me on [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

Raspy's portfolio

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