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YCH Girl holding assualt rifle
Please read the description before placing a bet

Drawing settings:
- Only Girl
- Any race
- You can choose any hairstyle and clothes, giving me art or description.
- I can draw another emotion
- I can add her ears, horns, wings.

Payment settings:
-Paypal only, Prepayment of 100%.
-USD only
-You can not: ask for a refund or exchange.

SB - sketch

20$ - Flat colored sketch
30$ - Full colored sketch

40$ - Flat colored lineart
50$ - Full colored lineart

70$ - Underwear version/second suit/background
100$ - Background + Underwear version (Full colored lineart) + second suit (Full colored lineart)

☆ Also, art will be ready in one week or less.
☆ Email me if you don't want your character to be widespread anywhere!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hourono's portfolio

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