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Gemsona ACEO
Your Gemsona as bedazzled ACEO card

Your gemsona printed as a card in ACEO format (2.5'' x 3.5'') and decorated with a small crafting gem or pearl. For available cuts and sizes look here: sta.sh/29ba93z2elx

I will create two copies of each card, then mail the physical item to you. One copy is just for me and my own collection, I will not sell or trade it away.

You can request for your gemsona to be drawn in a more show-accurate style.

The cards are professionally printed onto 300gsm paper and strengthened with a backing of likewise 300gsm cardstock, you can choose a color for said cardstock. On the back will be some information necessary for it to qualify as ACEO card or part of the German KaKAO format.

Up to 20 USD the card will be monochrome with a color accent.
Up to 25 USD the card will be flat colored.
Above 25 USD there will be shading.

NSFW poses add 10 USD to the price.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Broeckchen's portfolio

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