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Half body commission slot

Payment Via PayPal (USD)

IF YOU CAN'T ANSWER IN THE SPAN OF TWO OR THREE DAYS PLEASE DO NOT BID, I can't waste my time reminding people of paying and/or responding to me. Please understand. If you have an actual reason to respond late please keep me updated, don't go silent.

SB - Lineart with base colors (will add shine on the hair and shading on the eyes as personal preference)
Anything above 25 USD - shading

When you buy a commission for me, you are allowed to post it on your social media with credit. My accounts are:

- Instagram: SaberPolaris
- Twitter: SaberPolaris
- Tumblr: SaberPolaris
- Deviantart: dark--drawz
- Toyhouse: SaberPolaris

If you are going to post it somewhere outside of that, a link to my Instagram works since it’s the site I am most active.

Terms of service: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jlssazqs2UwQmtvqd38i4HZRaYqwm6SqifxF9TZVgmc/edit?usp=sharing
Please read it all!

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