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✨3D Adopt✨

☆゚・*:.˛ ˚ღღ゚:゚:*•:。.: ★ ˛ღღ゚・*:。.・*.☆

SB: 35$
MIN: 5$
AB: 100$ (I'll add details)

Contact me for questions: https://www.deviantart.com/ziaminal
Email: [email protected]
☆゚・*:.˛ ˚ღღ゚:゚:*•:。.: ★ ˛ღღ゚・*:。.・*.☆

✦Report new owner
✦After payment you will receive the files: .VRM (already a mobile character)!!!
✦Dispose of the character as you want
✦I will wait for an answer no more than 24h (Can be booked for a week)
✦I will send files only on full prepayment
✦Paypal in RUB
☆゚・*:.˛ ˚ღღ゚:゚:*•:。.: ★ ˛ღღ゚・*:。.・*.☆

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