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Sticker-like picture ^^

Let me try my luck once again with this YCH-auction ^^"
Yeah, life turned out not as good as I hoped...

A few notes about this:
- PayPal payment only.
- Payment must be made within 24 hours after auction ends.
- Any gender/any species.
- It will be lined and coloured like this - fav.me/dbqiva8.

What's for bids?
SB - $5.
MI - $1.
AB - $40.
For AB you will get a flat-coloured version (you'll get on Saturday, 18th November, or Sunday, 19th November) and a fully coloured version (it will be lined and coloured like this - fav.me/dbqbsbc , you'll get it on Sunday, 26th November).

I know that prices may seem high, but I put a lot of efforts in every line in my artworks, so I hope you'll understand.
By the way, I'm going to do such auctions for every Sunday in December, so take a look :3

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