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Bulbasaur Ponymon
Ponified Pokémon Adoptable

Not sure how many and which of these I'm going to make, but I think there will only be one Pony Adopt of each pokémon. At purchase you will receive the full resolution ref sheet. You can freely change the name and minor details of this character.

Even if you win the auction you will only receive the adoptable by agreeing to my Terms of Service: sta.sh/0wl9of43co8

You receive all rights for the picture and character, so long as you do not break my terms of service. I reserve global publication rights of this specific image for myself. Credit elsewhere and at a later date is appreciated, but not mandatory, you may resell the image for as much as or less than you paid when buying it.

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I can't buy it, but I did want to say this is pretty awesome! Do you have an FA or DA? Would love to follow your work. :3
Yes! I compiled most relevant links here: linktr.ee/broeckchen89 so you can pick out whatever suits you best. Thank you so much for these kind words, they really brightened up my morning!

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