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♡ Dakimakura ♡
Real size: 150x50 cm

SB - 20$
MB - 5$

Any species;
Furry - is OK;
Horns, wings, etc. - is OK;
You can change the chest size;
You can change the face expression;
You can change tshort and shorts design and add things;

With SB 20$ you will get only one side of dakimakura.

If it reaches 30$ you will get:
- Both sides of dakimakura.
- Ycan choose clothes set (2 varitation)

If it reaches 35$ you will get:
- Both sides of dakimakura.
- Ycan choose clothes set (2 varitation)
- NSFW bonus.

If it reaches 50$ you will get:
- Both sides of dakimakura.
- Ycan choose clothes set (4 varitation)
- You can add perverted toys;
- NSFW bonus.

If it reaches 70$ you will get:
- Both sides of dakimakura.
- Another additional bonuses, like add another character on background (in plush form);
- 6 varitation of clothes. (All 5 vatiatios of clothes set that you can see + Mystery clothes* bonus set (Mystery clothes* - is fanservice clothes, but I will choose it by myself, so because of that it's called a mystery));
- NSFW bonus;
- You can add perverted toys;
- PSD file (if you need it).

If it reaches 100$ you will get:
- All bonuses that meaned earlier;
- You can change charecter(add another one);
- Add 2 clothes sets that you want.


Only PayPal, only USD, payment must be made within 48 hours after the auction's will end.

No refunds, only serious bids!! Please do not bid if you do not intend to buy!
Be sure to confirm your email address on this site before placing a bid; Any bids that looks suspicious might be removed from the auction.

After the auction end I will contact the winner by using either email or this site. You must send me a reference picture (and if you send me one or two favorite pictures with your OC, it would be great).
Wanna see my drawings?
Check out my Deviantart ===> wild-paper.deviantart.com
Or Furaffinity ===> furaffinity.net/user/wildpaper

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me at [email protected]!

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I keep seeing your style around and just wanted to tell you that it's incredibly cute and gorgeous! The outfit options are also lovely~. I wish you the best for this auction!
uwaaaaaa~~~ thank you!!!!!!! ^w^

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