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junga ★★
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Holographic YCH

Please view my TOS before bidding:

* Winner receives high-res png (3000px tall)
* Final image will be Cel-Shaded with flat color background. Example: www.furaffinity.../25176267/
* Autobuy unlocks Full Illustration with background. Example: www.furaffinity.../24440672/
* Final image will be SFW.

+ Any species. Muzzle can be changed/removed. Wings are okay.
+ Feminine characters only.
+ Body type can be changed. No extreme body types.
+ Expression can be changed.
+ Swimsuit style can be changed, but it will be drawn to look holographic (like above.)
- No hyper.
- No feral. Character will be drawn anthro.
- No extra outfits/versions.

If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me in the following places:
Email: [email protected]
Furaffinity: furaffinity.net/Junga/
Twitter: twitter.com/JungaBeast/

Good luck to everyone!


After the auction ends, I will send the winner an email with a YCH form. After you complete the YCH form, you will receive an invoice from me.
You MUST fill out the YCH form within 24 hours of me sending the email.
You MUST also pay the invoice within 24 hours of me sending the invoice.

Failure to follow this process will give the YCH to the second highest winner, and you will be blacklisted from working with me in the future.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Junga's portfolio

Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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