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Adoptable Flegmatic Witch #16
You choose the name, backstory, personality, etc.

Welcome! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Today I present to you a Flegmatic Witch! Instead of using magic for treatment, she prefers to use acupuncture. Better not to mess up with someone who knows 1000 and 1 ways how to paralise you or to treat you with needles!
(backstory and parameters can be changed as you wish)

Posted here too: https://www.deviantart.com/lulzus/art/OPEN-Adoptable-Flegmatic-Witch-16-894844305
(Bids from me are from the other sites)

• SB - 15$
• MB - 2$
• AB - 100$

• Only serious bids please~

Payment via Paypal.
I will send you an invoice,
so prepare your paypal email! :з

100% prepayment.

No money refund or exchange.

Payment in 24 hours after the auction is finished. If not, I will re-open the auction again or contact the previous bidder with the highest bid.

• Deadline is 2 weeks for additional stuff from 150+.

• You will receive:

• 15$+ - Full HD (2800x3300) PNG, JPG files + color palet + this character sheet without watermark and background + full non-commercial rights on character.

• 50$+ - PSD and SAI2 files, slight changes in designe.

• AB - commercial use, 3 emotions, backview, additional version, one-off 30% discount on the next adopt, ych or commission if you'll buy again!

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