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klaudy ★★
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I gotlast HALLOWEEN YCH ! please read information below :3 !


-pose have to be same as on example
-same background as on example
-any spieces is availavble [furry,pony,human(anime style)]
-file resolution 1000 x 1300 pixels
-will be colored
-lingerie/naked or witch outfit (one version)

IF IT REACHES 55$ 2x bigger resolution (2000 x 2600 pixels)
IF IT REACHES 80$ 3x bigger resolution (3000 x 3900 pixels)+ 2 verisons (naked and witch outfit) + personal stream of this work (might be only coloring or lineart -or both if you wish) work done within present week.

all details we will talk after finished auction.

- Paypal only
- USD (full amount)
- Payment must be done to 48h after closed auction

- I will contact you via email
- You must send me a reference picture
- No refunds
- Creating your work might take 2-5 days or maybe 10-14 (sometimes it depends on what kind of auction you won)
In some causes it may took longer- I will inform you

In further contact I will explain you everything and feel free to ask me! :3
contact me here : [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

Klaudy's portfolio

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