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Rini-Chan ★★
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[Slot 4] Deluxe sandwich
- with double extra love!

- Only male-futa
- Only Paypal/Payoneer
- Any type of pony
- You can choose details, such as hair, colours, expression.


SB: $20 USD
AB: $65 USD


Base price (base colours - no background): $80 USD ($20 USD each slot!)
Regular quality (Shadows + simple background): $110 USD ($35 USD each slot!!)
High quality (rendered pic + complex background): from $180 USD ($45 USD each slot!!!)

*You want your OC in a different pose? No problem! Autobuy it and I will draw it as you wish to be!


- Clothing

$10 USD for full pieces PER slot

- Extra cum (your character with a lot of stick-y cum!)

$5 USD for each slot. You can only add cum to your slot.

FREE for small pieces (chokers, for example)

Other edits not included in autobuy- We could totally talk about it, tho.

Good luck everypony!


I've had some problems contacting audiction's winners. If I dont send you a mail in the next 24 hours, it's because I don't have access to your e-mail due to a platform error. Please contact me at derpibooru.org/...es/Rinikka !


No problem! I take commissions too! Message me at derpibooru!

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Rini-Chan's portfolio

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Can this slot be female?
Yes I guess so, as its only being penetrated... ;D

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