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Starting bid
Buy this now! Autobuy enabled Bid more than $50.00 to own this piece immediately
Automatic bidding Auction on sale This auction is being offered at a discounted rate


SB - 10$
MB - 5$
AB -50$

What do you get by placing a bet:
-Your character is in chiba style and in any pose to choose from! Depending on the value of the bid, the quality will grow.
-Any gender
-Any kind (cat, dog, dragon, and so on)

What you get by making higher bids:
-If the bid is less than $10 - color sketch
-if the bid goes above $20 - full color, lines, without shadows
-if bid goes higher than $50 -Shadows, highlights lines/ without lines (option) and background~

-I take any orders very seriously, and if you are making bids for laughs and are not going to pay, then know that you are very upsetting artists
-We may have different time zones and different sleep modes, so the response time may be long. Please be patient, I try to respond as soon as possible
-Your opinion is very important to me, if something is wrong, let me know and we will solve everything!

Important to know:
- If you win you need to have a reference of your character (pictures, not text description)
- PayPal (USD) only
- I'll start drawing after 100% payment
-When you write to the mail, send screenshots of the conversation and / or auction. I will send you everything you need for payment, thank you
- Please CONTACT US BY EMAIL, plz!
✨✨e-mail: [email protected]✨✨

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