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Witch girl adopt ♡
Her name is Abbey and she is a hereditary witch 🔮

Honestly, Abbey doesn’t want be a witch. Human’s life draws her deeply, that is why she tries to look more like other people. Abbey wear as humans, act like humans, but she always too selfish and gorgeous. The reason is that she can use magic while other people can’t. She prefers to look like a female, but she actually can take the form of everything she wants.
I wish you will love my Abbey ^^~꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱♡
-You can use her however you want (resell or etc.)
- You will get jpg file without watermarks on your email address right after payment
- PayPal only
- Prepayment 100%
- If your bid equals or more than 80$ you will get nude version :#0 ♡~
Questions\concern? Feel free to ask me on my Discord acc: SirBeer#4839

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