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Streetwear, Hip Hop & Urban Fashion
any race/ gender/pose

I will draw your character wearing cool urban clothes. If you have no idea about an outfit, you can check out the options here https://www.pinterest.ru/kanye20202532/hip-hop-street-wear-urban-fashion/

Or leave this interesting problem to me :3

If you wish I can draw your character according to the aesthetics of the sample, with a cigarette and this nasty look. Poses can be different, but the essence remains the same.

▷ It may be your original character. Or fan art. Or original game character.
▷ Any gender, any species, human or not — it doesn't matter.
▷ I use Paypal.


SB$ — messy sketch, no colors;
+30$ — lineart, no colors;
+35$ — greyscale;
+45$ — base color, no shadows;
+75$ — as on the template or better;
+120$ — full render, better lights. render like this: https://twitter.com/Sandora_Sun/status/1244730325735018502
+175$ — full render;

▶ Information about your order, as well as about commissions, you can find on the link:

▶ For all questions write to me here:

or here furaffinity.net/user/rayphill/

(you can also check out my other artworks on these sites)

Glhf <З

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