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A Bit Too Short

That sweater is a bit on the short side, but no one seems to be complaining. Finished piece will be fully shaded and colored, and have a finished room 'scene' with an autumn view through the window. You will receive the high resolution 8x12 file and a smaller, web friendly version that you may reupload with credit.

Prices in USD - Paypal Only
SB: $30
MI: $5
AB: $120

♦ Female or Femboy
♦ Any species welcome. This includes humans, monsters, and/or anthro ponies!
♦ Your choice of sweater colors and/or patterns. It can be an ugly Christmas sweater, or just a single colored one, stripes, etc. Whatever you'd like!
♦ Expression can be changed
♦ NSFW edit (remove panties) can be done at your request
♦ Additional accessories can be added (jewelry, piercings, etc)
♦ Anatomy or perspective errors will be fixed

♦ Please do not bid if you do not have the funds, or if you will not have the funds by the time the auction ends. Failure to pay will allow the next highest bidder to buy
♦ Please be able to pay your Paypal invoice within 24 hours
♦ Please use an active and valid email address so I can contact you. Failure to communicate within 48 hours will give the next highest bidder the chance to buy
♦ Please have references

Thank you and Happy Bidding!

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